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Blue Swallow Group CEO featured in Financial Times Markets

Blue Swallow Group CEO, Sanzhar Abishev, was featured in Financial Times Markets over his involvement with Trinity Entertainment and Media - a valued client of ours.

TEM is an independent music publishing and label services company, with its core business focused on the creation, acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property (IP), with an emphasis on audio-visual copyrights.

Sanzhar Abishev is an ACIM and boutique agency owner who has spent his career working in the marketing industry. He has managed campaigns and built digital resources for the likes of Red Bull, HK Scan and Pitney Bowes and completed 40+ projects for leading e-commerce companies, including Aheadworks, Amasty and Extendware.

We pride ourselves in working with forward-looking brands and helping them realise their marketing and creative goals. Therefore, it is a small victory for Blue Swallow Group to have one of our clients recognised as a pioneer of the industry, by a respectable publication, whilst also being recognised for our involvement.

Read the full article, here.

See how we helped TEM find their brand identity, here.


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