Choosing the right e-commerce platform, for your online store, can have a profound effect on it's UX, usability and conversion rate. From the back end perspective, it has an impact on the website's capabilities, third party solutions compatibility and ease of integration, as well as the size of the development community, available to you. 


Over the years, we've nurtured an elite team of developers, with over 10 years industry experience, fluent in most development languages and certified with the main e-commerce bodies, to ensure premium service for all our clients. 


With over 250,000 active websites, built and hosted with Magento, it maintains it's status as the #1 choice for retailers and brands, around the globe. 


Our team of certified Magento developers has a vast experience in executing projects of any size or nature, ranging from 3rd party integration and conflict resolution to full Magento 2 website migration. With a vast selection of industry partners, we have an experience in integrating/customising  250+ extensions. 


Drupal is arguably the most flexible open-source CMS on the market. Designed to be customised, virtually every detail of its interface and its functionality can be changed, or whole new modules written bespoke as required. 


Our Acquia certified team, with 5+ years of platform experience, is happy to take on the most daring projects and deliver beautiful, responsive and high-converting websites. We also provide a full-suite of Drupal 8 solutions. 




With an ever-increasing e-commerce traffic coming from mobile devices - it is imperative for a forward-looking brand to have the infrastructure to accommodate it. A mobile-incompatible digital presence is a sure way to radiate a lack of innovation while losing your existing and prospect clients to progressive competitors.


We help you maximise the conversion rate and sales from mobile traffic, by providing an optimised UX architecture, that guides your visitors towards the desired conversion. We also help you showcase your brand's drive to innovate and go the extra mile for your customers.






Fact 1. In 2016, 4 out of 5 consumers used a mobile device to shop online. Fact 2. The abandonment rate of a website, that isn't mobile optimised is 79%. Fact 3. #1 search engine, Google, uses mobile compatibility as one of the main factors when ranking websites. It is easy to see, then, why you should start thinking about going mobile.


Let our team help you meet your customer expectations and get mobile consumers across the line. Whether designing and developing a new website or improving an existing one, we will be able to accommodate any project, across most platforms and development languages. Are you ready to start radiating a modern image?


For a progressive brand, that is looking to extend it's presence and selling capability across all platforms - a mobile app is a great way to incorporate a multi-tiered selling strategy, as well as offering exclusive deals or features (e.g Amazon's one-click buy), that can boost sales. 


Our mobile experts design and create mobile applications, from the system architecture, through to the system functionality and the user interface. Our expertise ranges from creating native mobile apps to building cross-platform applications and we always make sure the apps are user-friendly, fast and error-free




These days, digital presence is essential for any modern brand that is looking to radiate a positive, progressive image, effectively communicate and engage with it's existing clients and drive traffic to it's website. It also offers an alternative point of contact, for prospect clients, interested in learning more about a company and it's offerings. It is easy to see, then, why global digital marketing spend is projected to hit $285bn, by 2020. 

Our digital marketing team is experienced in creating and managing multi-channel digital campaigns, for clients of varying sizes and industries. Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, send quality website traffic, generate leads or drive sales, we tailor our process to meet your needs.



Social media accounts for 80% of mobile traffic and 55% of desktop traffic, globally. Therefore, it is essential for a brand to have a social media presence, in order to meet customer expectations. With a myriad of social media platforms, that are available, we pick out a palette, that will best serve your goals and capture your target demographic. 


According to recent studies, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email. Whether you are looking to advertise a new product, boost website traffic  or simply engage with your client base - email marketing is an essential tool in a brand's digital marketing arsenal. 


While we always aim to achieve continous increase in organic traffic,  paid digital advertisement holds an important place in a strategy of a brand, looking to reach new audiences. Our experts help your brand achieve your goals through Pay Per Click, Display, Social Ads and other social placements, optimising performance along the way.

Unlike paid advertisement, SEO can't be bought. Instead, it has to be earned through a balancing act of algorithm expertise, quality content and big media backlinks, that make up a website's quality score. Our Google and bing certified professionals will work to position your brand where it belongs, in the natural search results. And keep it there.




Understanding the project requirements is key to delivering the desired result. We spend as much as it takes to understand every little detail before we embark on producing your tailored quote. 


Once all the details are covered, we will produce a detailed quote, with a suggested time-frame and clear milestones. Our quotes are fixed and free of any hidden costs and charges.



Our work is contractually guaranteed, with a signed MSA and SOW. We also handle all customer information, using multi-tiered encryption software, giving you a peace of mind about safety and security.

We operate under a 50-50 payment structure. There are two equal payment instalments, the first of which is taken, before the agreed work commences. 


Upon complete client satisfaction, with the delivered work, the second instalment is taken and the solution is migrated from our development environment onto a client's live server.  




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