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Blue Swallow Group and Extendware form a Strategic Partnership

Blue Swallow is delighted to announce a formation of a strategic partnership with Extendware - an award-winning Magento Technology partner, combining industry knowledge with years of experience, making it one of the most respected players in the Magento marketplace.

Extendware prides itself in creating a high-quality, diverse range of Magento products, that have been integrated into over 50k stores, worldwide. This year, Extendware will be increasing its product range to over 50 extensions, cementing its place as one of the largest and most reputable players, among the Magento community.

As Extendware looks to concentrate on its core business, by expanding and improving its product range, it has been decided that Blue Swallow will take on an active role of a solutions partner. Blue Swallow will work closely with Extendware, to provide implementation and support services, to Extendware's clients. Both companies are hoping to achieve an improved level of efficiency and quality, in dealing with support requests, while allowing Extendware to dedicate its resources towards its core business activities.

"This partnership marks the coming together, of two companies, that hold client satisfaction, efficiency and efficacy close to their corporate identities. It is a pragmatic decision, by both parties, to play to their strengths and further their corporate agendas, while also benefiting the end client. Here, at Blue Swallow, we are delighted to partner up with Extendware, and use our expertise to provide its clients with a premium quality of service" - Sanzhar Abishev, Director, Blue Swallow.


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