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We have started with conducting a full front-end and back-end analysis, testing the performance, code architecture, web links and UI/UX elements of both desktop and mobile websites. 

Upon conducting an audit, we've found an array of issues that have had a negative cumulative effect on the website's look, feel, usability and performance. As a result, we've devised a 3-step solution: immediate fixes, required fixes and bonus fixes.


The immediate fixes included directing broken links to the desired landing pages, fixing unresponsive product icons in the catalogue and enlarging the click-zone, on the mobile website to improve usability.


The secondary fixes included minifying the visual content, to improve the website's load speed, completely redesigning the navigation menu to improve the product search journey and re-configuring the product categories. 


Finally, we've incorporated additional features like a pop-up info window, in the client login section, to aid the prospect clients in creating an account. 


A part of Brabazon Gmbh, KAIA is a Zurich-based online retailer, selling home and beauty products from fair-trade and socially responsible brands. KAIA's mission entails bringing the public's attention to issues of GM foods, child labour, animal testing, animal mistreatment and fair trade, by only supporting brands that source their products and operate ethically. 


KAIA had come to us, with a number of front-end and website performance issues. The mobile website had a 40% lower sales figures and a poor bounce rate score. The website load speed had also been slow, with an average page load of 4.3 seconds. Finally, the navigation menu was poorly configured, resulting in a confusing browsing experience. 


Upon completing the work, we've managed to achieve an increase in the website's usability and consequently improve performance across digital metrics such as average session time, bounce rate, repeat visit and channel acquisition funnel drop-out. 


We have identified and fixed all the broken links, to ensure an uninterrupted customer journey. We've also addressed and fixed the issue with slow-loading pages, by minifying the visual content, subsequently improving the loading speed score from 64/100 to 84.  


A reconfigured and redesigned menu has made navigation a seamless process, with a hover-over capability, while new categories have grouped products in a logical and easy-to-follow manner, further improving navigation. 




KAIA website displayed on a desktop and mobile screens.


Blue Swallow Group employee

Ekaterina Andreeva

Account Director

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